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Ma si vad ca o precupeata cu un cos la cot, sortul suflecat intr-o parte, basmaua legata sui si strigand cat ma tine gura:

Cercei, cercei, cercei!!! :))

Lasand gluma la o parte, sunt tare incantata de cerceii mei si abia asteptam sa vi-i arat, sa va minunati si voi.

Pe cei negri ii stiti de la concursul de ieri de pe facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1394965704095799&set=a.1394965700762466.1073741831.1392796917646011&type=1&theater

Pe cei alb cu negru de la concursul In memoriam Coco Channel  https://colectiademargele.ro/2014/01/24/twist-of-tweed-in-memoriam-coco-channel/,

cei multicolori sunt o comanda speciala care intregeste setul Colors of the wind  https://colectiademargele.ro/2013/12/31/the-colors-of-the-wind-and-a-fab-year-2014/,

iar cei in nuante aur-argint-bronz completeaza setul Montezma’s gold https://colectiademargele.ro/2014/01/29/montezumas-gold-special-order/


I can see myself as an ancient saleswoman with a woven basket on my hand, the apron rolled up on one side, a fancy shawl wrapped around my head and yelling my heart out:

Eaaaarriiiins!! Earrings!! Eaaaarriiiings!! :))

Joke aside, I’m really happy with my new earrings and I just couldn’t wait to share them with you, so you can marvel with me.

You know the black ones from the contest I posted yesterday on facebook (Romania)


BW ones from the beading contest In memoriam Coco Channel 


Rainbow multicolored ones are a custom order to complete the Colors of the wind set


And gold-silver-bronze ones complete the  Montezma’s gold set



1-DSC_9954-11-DSC_9936-1Si acestia sunt o completare a setului Urban green (setul avea deja cercei, dar zana Oana si-a dorit si cercei cu surub 🙂


Theese complete the Urban green set (it already had earrings, but my fairy wanted to have studs also 🙂



Nu-i asa ca-i adorati?

Don’t you just loooove them?


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Hey, you, all dreamers and gorgeous fairies stopping by,

I’m about to let this year go with great emotions and high hopes for the one that is rapidly approaching.

2013 was a FULL year for me. A year of learning, a year of challenge and a year of tests.

A hard year, but a marvelous one in all.

A year of extreme lows and highs, a turning point.

It taught me gratitude, patience, tolerance and made me realize the greatness and fragility of life.

It gave me the wonders of my baby girl’s first words, first tooth, first steps.

It made my heart melt to feel the joy of being called MOMMY by a little cricket’s voice.

It gave me her smiles, her giggles, her little dimples and her nose wrinkles when she laughs.


I think of 2014 with great emotion and I have a great feeling about it.

Feels like this will be a great year with lots of great adventures, discoveries, wonders and lots and lots of love.

I don’t know why I have this feeling, but I just see this year to come with great confidence

and can’t wait to see what it will bring!


My top resolutions for this year would be:

Spend as much time as possible with my little family.

Love, laugh, sing, dance, play, learn, create, teach, jump, travel, discover, wonder,

do silly things, giggle, cuddle, tickle…

Just enjoy life and each other’s presence.


Hope you have the time of your life this year and fulfill all your resolutions!

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