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DSC_9598-1Oana, am nevoie de ceva fain facut de tine, pentru o prietena.

Ma gandeam la cercei si un colier.

Mi-au placut cerceii lungi, colorati…si ea e pasionata de fotografie.

(Bineinteles ca mi s-au intins antenutele: o cunosc??)

Nu cred, este studeta si a fost in echipa mea…

Buuun…deci culori, lumina si fotografie. Ce poate fi mai motivant de atat?

Si ca sa marcam pasiunea pentru fotografie a Ionelei, pentru ca asa se numeste zana careia ii pregateam surpriza in complicitate cu Raluca si Carmela si complicele lor ;), un pandantiv – papusa fotograf.


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By special request I am reediting the earrings from my favorite necklace I ever made 🙂

Aquamarin has been even from the start and is still my favorite piece of jewelry because it’s the greatest story a jewelry can ever tell.

It’s marine shades that simply come alive in the sunlight and start dancing like mermaids in the sea just make me feel like I’m holding a live being with me.

1-DSC_4606-1I met Lorena in a group that was set to help a dear friend’s child to fight a cruel disease.

And she bought the necklace I donated as a gift for a friend.


I hope you will get the same feeling as I do wearing these beauties and that they will  follow you in as many great stories of your life as possible!

I.m sure you will love them just as much as I do.



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I see skies of blue,
And clouds of white.
The bright blessed day,
The dark sacred night.
And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world. 



E un colier care ma face sa ma gandesc la zane, la o lume magica, la praful vrajit de stele.

This necklace makes me think of fairies, of a land of magic and enchanted stardust.



Iar clama de prindere imi aminteste de o harpa vrajita, pe care o aud doar urechile celor ce mai cred in minuni.

And the clasp remind me of a magic harp that plays music only for the ones that still believe in wonders.



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