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1-DSC_0136-1O combinatie fresh si catifelata care ma binedispune mereu: ciocolata cu menta este un rasfat pe cere nu mi-l pot refuza.

1-DSC_0141-1A fresh, velvety combo: mint chocolate is one of my favorite treats.

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Although it’s so cold and cloudy outside, I’m dreaming of summer treats and what I feel like today is Ice cream!!!! I remember the turkish ice cream all creamy and stretchy and the sellers dressed up with vests and red hats: I scream you screaaaam!! :)) And my mind says Mmmm…

So here’s a little bit of that feeling:Image

Minty shades, pistachio and cream, just to lighten the day!


I was just writing this post and the sun just came a little bit out of the clouds :))

Seems I should do this more often 😛


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