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Stiu ca au fost multe zane care au purtat cate o bijuterie Colectia de margele in seara de Craciun si in noaptea dintre ani. Lor le dedic o imbratisare mare-mare-mare!

Poate ca aveti o mica retinere cand auziti de crcei cu clips. Si eu am avut. Asta pana sa ii port pe ei, si pe cei asemenea lor.

Stiati ca este o tehnica de masaj prin care se pune presiune pe lobul urechii ca sa faci durerea de cap sa cedeze?
Ei, as putea atunci sa-i numesc cerceii terapeutici.

De o eleganta vintage ce duce spre anii’50, dar potriviti la fel de bine si la o tinuta lejera in jeans, eu i-as purta oriunde. Si imi fac singuri masajul in caz de durere de cap :)))

Nu sunt minunati? Eu ii iubesc

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Este primul colier care si-a primit numele de la altcineva decat mine 🙂

Primele cuvinte ale Lidiei atunci cand le-a vazut au fost Bombonele CIIIIP!! Si asa i-a ramas numele 🙂

A fost o provocare pentru mine, sunt margele de dimensiuni mai mici decat ce fac de obicei, si cumva a trebuit sa ma adaptez la ele 🙂 Dar am reusit.

Razbate multa veselie si culoare, ca o sarbatoare de vara. O ie alba si blugi sau o rochita si gata!

1-DSC_7777-1This is the first necklace that gets to be named by another person than me 🙂

The first words Lidia said were Candyyyyy!!! And that’s how we decided to name it.

It was a challenge to work with smaller beads than usual, and i had to adapt to them, but I got it in the end :).

It’s like a summer celebration. It shines happiness and colors.

A white ethnic blouse and jeans, or a white dress and that’s it!









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Hey, you, all dreamers and gorgeous fairies stopping by,

I’m about to let this year go with great emotions and high hopes for the one that is rapidly approaching.

2013 was a FULL year for me. A year of learning, a year of challenge and a year of tests.

A hard year, but a marvelous one in all.

A year of extreme lows and highs, a turning point.

It taught me gratitude, patience, tolerance and made me realize the greatness and fragility of life.

It gave me the wonders of my baby girl’s first words, first tooth, first steps.

It made my heart melt to feel the joy of being called MOMMY by a little cricket’s voice.

It gave me her smiles, her giggles, her little dimples and her nose wrinkles when she laughs.


I think of 2014 with great emotion and I have a great feeling about it.

Feels like this will be a great year with lots of great adventures, discoveries, wonders and lots and lots of love.

I don’t know why I have this feeling, but I just see this year to come with great confidence

and can’t wait to see what it will bring!


My top resolutions for this year would be:

Spend as much time as possible with my little family.

Love, laugh, sing, dance, play, learn, create, teach, jump, travel, discover, wonder,

do silly things, giggle, cuddle, tickle…

Just enjoy life and each other’s presence.


Hope you have the time of your life this year and fulfill all your resolutions!

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