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Buna seara, dragele mele zane creatoare!

Un mic omagiu pentru cea care a fost Coco Channel: Twist of tweed

Este un tub crosetat din margele de nisip cu secvente (alb sidefat, alb mat cu negru, gri transparent) care amintesc de materialul pe care l-a indragit Coco: Tweed.

Si colierul si crceii sunt executate in aceeasi tehnica pe care am inceput sa o indragesc: crochet beading.

Cu drag,

Colectia de Margele


Set prezentat la concursul “In memoriam Coco Channel” organizat de grupul Loja pasionatilor de margele” – Facebook


Cerceii au fost o adevarata provocare – imi doream de mult o formula prin care sa transform tubul crochet in cercei cu surub. Mi se par definitia chic-ului, mai ales in perioada lui Coco.

Concursul m-a motivat sa gasesc solutia si … am pus-o in practica.

Rezultatul – va las sa-l apreciati voi.


Am vrut un efect hipnotic, ca al fotografiilor cu spirale bicolore, si, in oglinda, atunci cand este purtat, acest efect chiar exista!

Ai senzatia ca se misca, ceva iti atrage atentia catre el.

Va las sa va delectati cu fotografiile si sper sa va placa si voua!

DSC_9807-1 DSC_9806-1 DSC_9765-1

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There is a part of me that loooves challenge. Creative challenges that is. I love to try new things new approaches, new techniques, combine and join, mix and try out new -and old materials.

My mind catches wings and I spend lots of nights (and days, and mornings…most of my waking time actually) imagining and planning designs when I find a new beading contest.

That’s what happened with the Coral Jewelry Contest posted in Loja pasionatilor de Margele group on Facebook.


So ever since I found that contest I started to imagine what I would do with this theme. I had several designs in mind, I tried 3, but the first two were not working (at least with my current skills of crafting…who knows, maybe in the future I will use those designs and then they will work 🙂 )

This is what my mind imagined for this lovely theme.

When I think of coral, I think of the jewelry for kings and queens of old times, of pharaohs and goddesses.

I think of coral, lapis lazouli and silver, of massive and impressive jewelry. Of golden sphinx masks with rich green and red adornments.

So I thought why not make my own version of an ancient queen’s jewelry. Something old, something new… The old way, but with a new approach.  A long to the waistline necklace with green to gold shades(old with the new interpretation) supported by coral (the old) and bronze, aged accessories.

This is the collage I presented for the contest and below you will find the details of the set:


The bracelet: braided metal gun chain with green shades crochet beading rope and coral chain.


Necklace: Two interconnected crochet beading ropes with a mystic knot in the middle, coral supporting chain with dangles, and a halo of metal gun chain.


Earrings: green shades beaded crochet tube, bronze cone and coral.


Hope you like it and it brings a little bit of magic and mystery in your day.

Hugs and kisses!

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