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1-DSC_5647-2-1-2Hope you had a great time this Easter and relaxed  bit.

Here’s what I”ve been doing lately: reedited CIP Candy necklace, but the bigger and improved version.

I just love it.

It’s almost twice as thick as the first one and has inner support, so it’s a little more fixed.

However, it sits really comfortable and it is flexible enough to embrace the form of my neck.

1-DSC_5647-2-1It’s finished with turquoise beads and bronze accessories and that brings a nostalgic vintage note.1-DSC_5643-2-1

Hope you are having happy, fun times just like the colors of this necklace

See you soon!

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This is the look of happiness.

This is the look of love.

This is the look of high and unique performance.

This is the look of success.

This look was for a long time and continues to be a great inspiration for me.


She is the one that taught me the fist dance steps.

She is the one that always reinvents herself and always teaches about the power of grace in a woman.

She left to follow her heart and her dreams but is still here in so many happy hearts that she touched.

And here is her legacy before flying to Puerto Rico:

Always believe in your dreams. Always work to get them real. Never stop believing and trying.

The only setbacks you will face are the ones you create.


You must know that she is the first and only one 3 times Champion  – Salsa Solo Women.

It was her dream and she never stopped believing. She never stopped working.

She never stopped dreaming until the dream came true.


But most important, she is a great person, a great friend.

She has the most sincere hug I have ever felt!

It was for the first time she came back home after moving to Puerto Rico, at a salsa festival…I felt beneath the strongest embrace

something like fire and thundering waterfall growing at the same time through her body.

That is surely the feel of passion.

A passion that forever burns your waking moments, a passion that runs through your veins and drives you with every step closer to your dreams.



Wish you all the happiness in the world!!

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By special request I am reediting the earrings from my favorite necklace I ever made 🙂

Aquamarin has been even from the start and is still my favorite piece of jewelry because it’s the greatest story a jewelry can ever tell.

It’s marine shades that simply come alive in the sunlight and start dancing like mermaids in the sea just make me feel like I’m holding a live being with me.

1-DSC_4606-1I met Lorena in a group that was set to help a dear friend’s child to fight a cruel disease.

And she bought the necklace I donated as a gift for a friend.


I hope you will get the same feeling as I do wearing these beauties and that they will  follow you in as many great stories of your life as possible!

I.m sure you will love them just as much as I do.



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