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Ma si vad ca o precupeata cu un cos la cot, sortul suflecat intr-o parte, basmaua legata sui si strigand cat ma tine gura:

Cercei, cercei, cercei!!! :))

Lasand gluma la o parte, sunt tare incantata de cerceii mei si abia asteptam sa vi-i arat, sa va minunati si voi.

Pe cei negri ii stiti de la concursul de ieri de pe facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1394965704095799&set=a.1394965700762466.1073741831.1392796917646011&type=1&theater

Pe cei alb cu negru de la concursul In memoriam Coco Channel  https://colectiademargele.ro/2014/01/24/twist-of-tweed-in-memoriam-coco-channel/,

cei multicolori sunt o comanda speciala care intregeste setul Colors of the wind  https://colectiademargele.ro/2013/12/31/the-colors-of-the-wind-and-a-fab-year-2014/,

iar cei in nuante aur-argint-bronz completeaza setul Montezma’s gold https://colectiademargele.ro/2014/01/29/montezumas-gold-special-order/


I can see myself as an ancient saleswoman with a woven basket on my hand, the apron rolled up on one side, a fancy shawl wrapped around my head and yelling my heart out:

Eaaaarriiiins!! Earrings!! Eaaaarriiiings!! :))

Joke aside, I’m really happy with my new earrings and I just couldn’t wait to share them with you, so you can marvel with me.

You know the black ones from the contest I posted yesterday on facebook (Romania)


BW ones from the beading contest In memoriam Coco Channel 


Rainbow multicolored ones are a custom order to complete the Colors of the wind set


And gold-silver-bronze ones complete the  Montezma’s gold set



1-DSC_9954-11-DSC_9936-1Si acestia sunt o completare a setului Urban green (setul avea deja cercei, dar zana Oana si-a dorit si cercei cu surub 🙂


Theese complete the Urban green set (it already had earrings, but my fairy wanted to have studs also 🙂



Nu-i asa ca-i adorati?

Don’t you just loooove them?


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_1-DSC_9836-1Acesta este sentimentul pe care mi-l da bratara…

ca si cum doar ridicand mana pot calatori inapoi in timp sa descopar uimitoarele comori ale vremii.

This is the feeling I get when wearing this bracelet…

like just by raising my handI can send myself back in time to the amazing treasures of ancient times._1-DSC_9861-1Fara prea multe cuvinte astazi,

fotografiile si bratara realizata special pentru o doamna minunata sunt mult mai frumoase decat cuvintele.

O zi plina de lumina va doresc!

Not so many words today,

the photos and the bracelet that I made especially for a wonderful lady are muuuch more beautiful than words.

May your day be full with light!


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I see skies of blue,
And clouds of white.
The bright blessed day,
The dark sacred night.
And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world. 



E un colier care ma face sa ma gandesc la zane, la o lume magica, la praful vrajit de stele.

This necklace makes me think of fairies, of a land of magic and enchanted stardust.



Iar clama de prindere imi aminteste de o harpa vrajita, pe care o aud doar urechile celor ce mai cred in minuni.

And the clasp remind me of a magic harp that plays music only for the ones that still believe in wonders.



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Cata pufosenie afaraaaa! Cat alb!

It’s so fluffy outside! So much white!

Parca sufletul meu se purifica numai cand vad muntii de zapada printre orhideele mele albe inflorite. Mmmm….

My soul gets purified just by seeing the mountains of snow through my white orchid blossoms. Mmmm…

Parca ma umplu de veselie cand printre frunzele verzi ale florilor din fereastra nu vad decat alb, si alb, si alb!

I get all merry seeing through green leaves of the plants in the window: white white, white!

E innorat, dar albul zapezii lumineaza atmosfera.

It’s cloudy, but the white snow lightens the day.

E frig afara, sigur, dar aici e cald.

It’s cold outside but, baby, it’s warm in here.

Aceasta e cea mai asteptata zapada dintotdeauna… Sa aduca bujori in obrajori fragezi si catifelati, si pe un nasuc mic, mic, mic, ca un nasturas 🙂

This is the most expected snow ever… To bring pink roses on young velvety cheeks and on a small button nose 🙂

1-DSC_8400-002Iar eu sa port un colier alb cu cristale de Craiasa zapezii….

And I would wear a white, crystal,  Queen of Snow necklace…


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Buna seara, dragele mele zane creatoare!

Un mic omagiu pentru cea care a fost Coco Channel: Twist of tweed

Este un tub crosetat din margele de nisip cu secvente (alb sidefat, alb mat cu negru, gri transparent) care amintesc de materialul pe care l-a indragit Coco: Tweed.

Si colierul si crceii sunt executate in aceeasi tehnica pe care am inceput sa o indragesc: crochet beading.

Cu drag,

Colectia de Margele


Set prezentat la concursul “In memoriam Coco Channel” organizat de grupul Loja pasionatilor de margele” – Facebook


Cerceii au fost o adevarata provocare – imi doream de mult o formula prin care sa transform tubul crochet in cercei cu surub. Mi se par definitia chic-ului, mai ales in perioada lui Coco.

Concursul m-a motivat sa gasesc solutia si … am pus-o in practica.

Rezultatul – va las sa-l apreciati voi.


Am vrut un efect hipnotic, ca al fotografiilor cu spirale bicolore, si, in oglinda, atunci cand este purtat, acest efect chiar exista!

Ai senzatia ca se misca, ceva iti atrage atentia catre el.

Va las sa va delectati cu fotografiile si sper sa va placa si voua!

DSC_9807-1 DSC_9806-1 DSC_9765-1

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Hi ladies,

Just here to bring you joy!

Feel free to pick this gorgeous garden of fresh greens and smile away!


She’ll lead you down a path
There’ll be tenderness in the air
She’ll let you come just far enough
So you know she’s really there
She’ll look at you and smile
And her eyes will say
She’s got a secret garden
Where everything you want
Where everything you need
Will always stay
A million miles away


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Birds flying high
You know how I feel
Sun in the sky
You know how I feel
Breeze driftin’ on by
You know how I feel
It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me


We’ve got to make this day lighter and brighter.

It’s just not matching my state of mind! 🙂

It’s a new life
For me

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I’m dreaming of a white… wedding day 🙂

First of all, let me wish all my friends that celebrate their name’s day – Ioana, Ion all the best, may all your dreams come true, may you have steel health and fulfill all your plans.


Then… about the white wedding :

Of course I would marry my husband all over again every day, every season, every year, again and again.

I always dreamed of a get-away wedding – just a SHE and a HE …and only few closest friends (I had a big wedding, with lots of guests, so I prefer the SHE and HE version :)) on some island in the Caribbean, orchids, plumeria, turquoise waters, sand and champagne….Mmmm… Maybe for a future anniversary… who knows? 😉


But I’ve seen gorgeous photo sessions with snowy scenery and pale, sweet pastels.

So, until it snows, lets just dream of a white winter day with fluffy snow and a hot chocolate.


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Inca un an minunat va sa vie, eu va trimit ganduri bune si cu bucurie va colind!

Sorcova, vesela,

Să trăiti, să-nfloriti,

Peste vară, primăvară,

Ca un păr, ca un măr,

Ca un fir de trandafir,

Tare ca piatra,

Iute ca săgeata,

Tare ca fierul,

Iute ca otelul.

La anul si la multi ani!

Yet another great year will come and I wish you joy and blessings with the new year’s carol:)

Happy times,

May you live long and bloom,

Along the spring and summer,

Like an apple tree, like a pear tree,

Like a rose,

Hard as a stone,

Swift as an arrow,

Hard as iron,

Swift as steel.

Happy new year!!

Si pentru minunatele zane mamici, sorcova pentru …cei mici!

Sorcova, vesela

Să­-ţi trăiască


Ca teiul pământului

Şi uşor ca nuiaua vântului.

Somnul dulce noapte-­l poarte,

Dorul de mamă să­-i crească,

Anul nici să-­l împlinească

Şi pe fluturi să nu-­i slăbească

Să fugă de calul Negoiului,

Tocmai în vârful Pietroiului

Şi de-­acolo să se scoboare

Să fugă prin mândrul soare,

Să se scoboare mai la vale,

Şi să se­-ntâlnească c-­o fată mare,

Şi să trăiască precum a trăit

Fiul lui Neacşu cel vestit.

Să vă trăiască ani mulţi fericit

Şi de pungă să nu fie sleit.

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