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There is a part of me that loooves challenge. Creative challenges that is. I love to try new things new approaches, new techniques, combine and join, mix and try out new -and old materials.

My mind catches wings and I spend lots of nights (and days, and mornings…most of my waking time actually) imagining and planning designs when I find a new beading contest.

That’s what happened with the Coral Jewelry Contest posted in Loja pasionatilor de Margele group on Facebook.


So ever since I found that contest I started to imagine what I would do with this theme. I had several designs in mind, I tried 3, but the first two were not working (at least with my current skills of crafting…who knows, maybe in the future I will use those designs and then they will work 🙂 )

This is what my mind imagined for this lovely theme.

When I think of coral, I think of the jewelry for kings and queens of old times, of pharaohs and goddesses.

I think of coral, lapis lazouli and silver, of massive and impressive jewelry. Of golden sphinx masks with rich green and red adornments.

So I thought why not make my own version of an ancient queen’s jewelry. Something old, something new… The old way, but with a new approach.  A long to the waistline necklace with green to gold shades(old with the new interpretation) supported by coral (the old) and bronze, aged accessories.

This is the collage I presented for the contest and below you will find the details of the set:


The bracelet: braided metal gun chain with green shades crochet beading rope and coral chain.


Necklace: Two interconnected crochet beading ropes with a mystic knot in the middle, coral supporting chain with dangles, and a halo of metal gun chain.


Earrings: green shades beaded crochet tube, bronze cone and coral.


Hope you like it and it brings a little bit of magic and mystery in your day.

Hugs and kisses!

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