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Hey guys,

Saint Nicholas has arrived! Seems someone has been good this year 🙂

As I said yesterday, the holidays magic is in the air and having a little angel to marvel you with the pure joy of discovering gifts (even though she doesn’t know there are gifts yet:) ), tearing the wrapping, playing with all of the gifts (even with dad’s bottle of wine – that was the first thing she picked) and just sensing the emotion is so intense and fulfilling.

I always imagined Saint Nicholas dressed in blue. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the way I imagine him 🙂 Everybody has seen Santa, but I have never seen Saint Nicholas. And also this night is for me more intimate, more quiet, like a magic whisper, like a secret we all know but is still amazing with every year.

May you have the most peaceful evening, feel the love in the air and hear the angels laughing.




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