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Sooo… the holidays are coming. Yeeey!

December just started with a touch of snow and I feel like counting down the days till Christmas. Feels like I have the soul of a kid again (probably got that from my daughter). I’m only thinking of Christmas tree decorations, ginger bread and candy. I feel a twinge in my heart every time I breathe the ice cold air that seems to bring distant news of a great Christmas about to come.

I’m not sure my little girl will understand what’s with all the fuss, but I bet she will be interested in the Christmas tree 🙂 Ever since last year I started to design tree decorations to celebrate her first Christmas, but I abandoned all the projects because I didn’t feel they were nice enough to celebrate such a sweet occasion.  I’m planning to make one for each year. So this year I have to make 2: one for last year, one for now 🙂

I have some ideas and hope this time I will get something really nice.

Until then, here’s some Christmas feeling: Red, red wine necklace perfectly fit for Mary Claus:)

This makes me feel closer to the holidays, closer to the time when we’ll all spend quality time together, maybe drink a cup of hot perfumed wine, eat some of my mom’s cookies, and nervously wait to hear Santa’s footsteps on the roof.


Hope you have a warm and peaceful evening and Saint Nicholas will get you happiness, health and harmony along with the gifts in the boots .


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