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The greatest love

Hello again,

I have the most amazing story to share about the cutest princess ever!

I met Ana 4 years ago when she was a baby and we got out to a “walk” in the mountains. Walk that was for her parents, me and my husband were “a little worn out” after that walk :)) But i have known her parents for some time now, they are dear friends to us.

We have a nice tradition for the 1st of December every year: a themed masquerade ball. So last year when we met, I had a little present for her: a pendant with a Murano bead and a butterfly set on organza.We were just getting dressed for the party….

The theme last year was SUPERHEROES and Ana and her family were dressing up as the Ninja Turtles. So me and her mother suggested that the pendant was not matching the “fierce” ninja turtle appearance 😛

She covered the pendant with her tiny hand, looked into our eyes with the most convincing look and said: I will take good care of it!  That simply melt my heart. She wore it all night.

We got together last summer to see another dear friend before he went back to Australia and Ana was just coming from her kindergarten festivity all dressed up like a princess with a gorgeous pink dress and… the pendant I gave her ❤


I could only dream all my jewelry get that kind of pure love and protection… It’s a small pendant but it’s worn like it was the most precious diamond.


There is no better place for any piece of jewelry than near a woman’s or a girl’s smile, and indeed, this little girl is all happiness  and joy!





I just talked to her mom yesterday when I asked for her permission to post these photos and she asked “But do you have photos of her with the pendant?” (Ups…forgot to share them…). So I must make sure the parents get the full set 🙂

Hugs and kisses to you all and hope you are having a great Sunday!

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