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Dupa atatea zile cu ceata laptoasa, aerul taios si rece, imi doresc o ninsoare sa imbrace orasul intr-o paturica pufoasa, si sa-i astearna mosului un covor alb si lunecos pentru sania cu daruri, trasa de renii veseli.

Craiasa zapezii se pare ca se lasa rugata si nu se apuca inca sa cearna peste oras florile de gheata, asa ca m-am gandit sa-i fac un cadou, poate, poate se imblanzeste si se apuca de treaba :).

Asa ca azi m-am hotarat sa port o bratara albaaa, cu raze ca din gheata, albe, pure, transparente si scanteietoare.

Ce ziceti? O convingem?


Colectia de margele – Blanche

After so many days with milky fog, the wind so sharp and cold, I wish for a snow blanket to cover the city, and lie for Santa a  slippery white carpet for his sleigh full of gifts, pulled by the merry reindeers.

Snow Queen apparently is waiting for special invites to lay over the city ice flowers. So I thought that I she might be more friendly if I gave her a little gift, and she might start the snow :).

So I decided that I would wear a whiiiite bracelet, with rays just like ice: white, pure, transparent and glittering.

What do you think? Is it convincing?





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