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Azi rasfoim din nou cartea cu povesti… si cufarul cu minuni.

Mai aveam un secret de impartasit cu voi,  o amintire plina de soare. Un loc minunat desprins din alte timpuri, pe care am avut privilegiul sa-l vad intr-un moment cu totul special.

Un loc in care te intorci catre inceputul secolului XIX, unde printii si printesele de alta data isi plimbau pasii pe alei serpuite, printre case din lemn cu ornamente –  adevarate broderii, care par ca ascund secretele lumii.

Langa imensul Istambul, un gigant care pare sa nu doarma niciodata, pe care l-am gasit imbracat cu totul in lalele – lalele albe, rosii, roz, galbene, lalele mici, lalele cu floarea cat un mar, lalele crete, Lalele…. marea Marmara te poarta catre grupul de insule Adalar intre care cea mai Mare este Buyukada, reminiscenta a pasiunii pentru frumos in accente clasic otomane si Art-Nuveau.


Aici ne-am desprins din realitate si am scris cu sufletul plin inceputul unei noi aventuri, care incepe simplu,  langa o ceasca de cafea : DA.

Printul Shahryar a cerut mana printesei Seherezada… si au trait fericiti pana la adanci batraneti.

Today we  are opening the storybook … and the chest of wonders.

I had one more secret to share with you, a sunny memory. A wonderful place from out of time, which I had the privilege to visit in a very special moment.

A place that takes you back to the XIX th century, when princes and princeses of old times walked on winding alleys, along wooden houses with  embroideries that seem to hide all the world’s secrets.


Near huge Istambul, a giant that never seems to sleep, which we found completely dressed up in tulips – white, pink, red yellow, small tulips, big tulips with applesize flowers, curled tulips, Tulips… Marmara sea takes you to a group of islands – Adalar, and the biggest of all – Buyukada, as a reminiscent of the passion for beauty in classical ottoman and Art Nuveau aacents.

Here we have detached ourselves from reality and wrote with our souls the beginning of a new adventure that starts simply, beasides a cup of coffee: YES.

Prince Shahryar asked for Seherezade’s hand in marriage… and they lived happily ever after.

Va urma…/ To be continued

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La multi ani Maria!

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